Pashkova Vera

Compensations for the dialect features of the original in the translation of D. Mikhailovitch’s novel "Petria’s Wreath" from serbian into russian

Pashkova Vera (2023) "Compensations for the dialect features of the original in the translation of D. Mikhailovitch’s novel "Petria’s Wreath" from serbian into russian ", Vestnik Pravoslavnogo Sviato-Tikhonovskogo gumanitarnogo universiteta. Seriia III : Filologiia, 2023, vol. 74, pp. 51-65 (in Russian).

DOI of the paper: 10.15382/sturIII202374.51-65


In this publication, the author considers ways to achieve stylistic equivalence between the original text and the translation in the case when the original literary text is written in a dialect and many of its features do not have direct correspondences in the language of translation. The Russian translation of the novel "Petria's Wreath" by D. Mikhailovich, made by O. D. Kutasova, chosen as the subject of the study, is analyzed using the typology of translation compensations proposed by V. K. Lanchikov and M. A. Yakovleva, and a method for assessing the quality of such translation using A. Popovich's system of stylistic shifts.Since we are talking about a literary text written in a dialect, the problems of the article are at the intersection of translation studies, comparative stylistics (in its functional aspect) and dialectology (as an auxiliary discipline).Analyzing a number of examples of the translation technique of O. D. Kutasova, the author comes to the conclusion that the best way to compensate for the inevitable when translating a dialect (or consistently stylized as a dialect) text is to transfer it to the national vernacular of the language of translation, which makes it possible to reproduce the stylistic invariant of the original text in translation. The concrete examples of stylistic compensations given by the author, used in the translation of the novel "Petria's Wreath", allow us to be convinced of the richness of the artistic means available to the translator, who turns to vernacular to translate the dialect text.


comparative stylistics, contrastive stylistics, stylistic shifts in translation, compensation in translation, translation of literary dialect text, Serbian language, Dragoslav Mikhailovich, Olga Kutasova


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